Two-year Term

All candidates listed below will be up for election at our Annual Meeting and Celebration on June 11, 2017 at 2pmAbsentee ballots will only be accepted for the nominees who are listed on the slate going into the meeting and must be cast on an official ballot. Ballots are available online, or at the Playhouse. Absentee ballots can be mailed in, emailed as a pdf, or hand delivered to another Playhouse Member.  Only people who are members of the Playhouse as of May 12th will be eligible to vote at this meeting. Nominations can be made from the floor during the meeting for any open position, but only those present at the meeting will be able to vote for those nominations.


(6 positions open)

BRENDA CRUMMETT: I have a love for theater. I am excited about the growth and direction that the EP is taking and I want to be part of the team that continues to help the playhouse grow. I have already served on the reading committee, director selection committee, and plan to help with the planning of the Annual Meeting. I would love to do these committees again the next season. I have helped in all the shows during this current season. (with the exception of Grease) I am willing to jump in and help where I'm needed and truly have the playhouse's best interest in mind.

RICHARD GARRETT: I have enjoyed my two years on the board and am excited by the many things we have accompished together. I would like to continue to head the maintenance committee and improve the building and grounds as the Playhouse continues to be an increasingly popular entertainment venue in this region. I would also like to continue to provide my technical expertise for production design for the upcoming seasons as well as continue securing advertising and sponsors as I have done over the past two years. I would be honored to remain a member of this outstanding, forward thinking Board and look forward to all the things we have planned to do for the Playhouse in the years to come.

MICHAELA HICKEY: I'm very passionate about the arts and the EP in particular as I've been acting there for the past 4 years and will be directing next year. I've been very happy lately with the changes the board has been making and look forward to being a part of that. Since I've served on the board, I've worked with Danielle to put the new ticketing proposal in place. I've been self-employed for the past 10 years and have tons of experience in marketing, advertising, and design, as well as many connections in the Olympia and Centralia communities.

LUCY PAGE: I have enjoyed being part of the EPH this year as a member and performer. I also like the changes the EPH has made recently and would like to help continued growth. I have been an event planner and run a local business for 20 years. I have many local contacts and friends. I have lived in this area all my life.

PEG WARREN: I would bring the perspective of one who loves theatre yet has never been on the stage. I would like being able to support theatre in any way I can. I already support theatre by enjoying it, volunteering at the theatre and supporting my husband, Guy, when he is in a play. My skills are mainly office skills. I am retired from the Alaska Legislature as an Administrative Assistant. I am used to working/multitasking under pressure. I am retired now and I have the time and willingness to serve.


ALENE STEWART: I have a strong desire to make the theater succeed. I am willing to get behind and support projects initiated by the Board. I lend my support to the casts and crews of the shows as well as volunteer as often as possible in other capacities. I am also an advocate of making sure that the Board is held accountable to the theater's members. I am willing to serve on any committee except Sponsorship/Ads.


SHANE RIVERS: I believe the Playhouse has experienced a Renaissance of sorts under my leadership the last two years. I have recruited several people to serve on the Board who are very good in their fields. My job as President has been putting them in positions to succeed. And succeed they have. We have seen many changes at the EP, but most importantly we have seen our audiences continue to grow. That was our focus. I would like to continue the work we have started over the last two years and push us forward so that we are achieving our mission of bringing quality theatre to the people of Lewis County.


DANIELLE RIVERS: I have been very involved in the Evergreen Playhouse, even before being elected to the Board of Directors as a Member at Large in 2015. I have directed, acted, and designed for the EP and wish to continue my involvement in the arts locally. In the last two years, we have seen a growth in attendance numbers of our patrons and members, and I feel that I have been a part of that growth with some of the advertising that I have spearheaded (poster design, social media, website design, ticket production, postcard campaigns, parade attendance, etc.) I am running for Secretary because I have experience (on other Boards) serving in this capacity and feel that I could fill this role well and it goes along with the other committees I am involved in. Please consider voting for me and keeping me on the Evergreen's Board of Directors.

"Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

Open Board Positions