We wish to offer special thanks to our generous donors. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help to keep our theatre running! 

  • Wickstrom, Phillip & Metta
  • Zimmerman, Roy & Pam
  • Slocum, George & Janice
  • Stewart, Alene
  • Rhoades, Don
  • Seattle Foundation/ Virgil & Carol Fox
  • Baskins, Shirley
  • Christomas, Glenda
  • Smith, Snoop & Alta
  • Wickstrom - Chandler, Lisa 

We are always accepting donations that we can use to better our theatre! Some examples of future plans we would like to do are to upgrade our stage lights and upgrade our seating.

Donor's Corner

Evergreen Playhouse is a Non-profit 501-3(c) org. RCW 82.08.031