Audition Tips


10.    Show up ready for anything.

9.    Wear clothes that are not distracting.  Shirts with words on them are especially bad since the director will spend most of the time trying to read the shirt.  It is also a good idea to come “put together”, meaning slack, skirt, button up shirt, hair brushed, etc…  Remember the rule about first impressions.

8.    Come prepared.  If the director has asked you to prepare something, prepare it.  

7.    Do your homework.  Know the shows you are auditioning for.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have read it, but at least be familiar with the characters and basic plot.

6.    Be on time.  Punctuality tells a future director a lot.  Remember, 15 minutes early is on time, on time is late.

5.    Warm up before hand.  This would include vocal and body warm ups.  Chances are, the director will not run group warm ups, so be sure to do them on your own before hand.

4.    Take your time.  If you are doing a monologue, don’t try to rush through it.  If you are doing a cold read, slow down.  Directors want to see people who want to be on stage.

3.    Practice your introduction.  Many actors forget about this important concept.  An introduction should be your first and last name, what your piece is from, and what role you will be playing.  Smile during the intro and be warm and friendly.

2.    Make BIG choices. The bigger your choices, the more the director can see.  We want to see people who aren’t afraid to “go there”.

1.    Relax.  Every director that you will audition for has been in your shoes at one time or another, and we know what it is like.  Do some breathing exercises before and give it your best shot.

-Written by Shane Rivers